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Every worker should evolve in a healthy and secure environment.

The law on the health and the safety in the work imputes to the employer this responsibility.

The objective of our trainings is to bring your employee to master and so réuire the risk of accidents and\or incidents in the workplace.



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Safety signs

Signs must be close as possible to reality to draw attention and pilot people when executing tasks.

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Safety signs

We also advise you and design health and safety signs adjusted to your environment.

To be efficient, several rules must be respected when installing the signs :

  • They should be consistent in design and positioning.
  • They should be clearly visible : in an accessible and well-lit area.
  • They should feature a pictograph in order to comply with signs and signals regulations.
  • They should not be all in one place.
  • They should be cleaned regularly.

You can order more signs responding to specific risks in your activity.



At your disposal, a whole range of Equipments of Personal Protective Equipment conceived and adapted to the various business sectors and answering the current international standards.

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To verify the deterioration of your helmet, bend the visor. If a sign of cracks, crackles or discoloration appears, your helmet must be replaced.

Eyes & Face

The protection eye for eye !

The persons who are not used to wearing prescription glasses are sometimes more reluctant to the port of the safety glasses. Propose models close to solar city glasses is one more to make them adopt. As well as give several models so that each can choose his glasses.


When safety rhymes with productivity.

The ventilated cowls allow to improve the productivity because they do not any more require to stop to inhale. Furthermore, the fresh air is always healthy; contrary to the ambient air which is certainly cooler but always loaded with some smokes of soldering especially for the painted or galvanized sheet steels which loosen poison gases. There is a possibility of settling the height of the air inlet according to the preferences (towards the nose or the face) and the flow.


Listen in the conditions of use !

The bad wearing of a hearing protection can lead to an important decline of its efficiency.

He can be of in  :

  • The embarrassment of another EAR carried simultaneously glasses or safety helmet for example,
  • A level of protection unsuitable for the intensity of the met noise.

To take into account the context of use is essential to guarantee a perfect hearing proctection.


A protection which fits like a glove to you !

The hand has a bigger sensibility than the foot. Nevertheless we try more gladly a pair of shoes than of gloves. Now, only the fitting allows to judge the level of comfort and the adaptation of every model to its own morphology. It is necessary to try thus absolutely its gloves; moreover, the most reluctant to gloves in synthetic material often change opinion when they tried them.

Protective clothing

At multiple risks, multiple protection !

The activities of maintenance group together a multitude of activities at risks for which a simple combination protects only partially. For these multiple activities but also in agriculture or mechanics, we recommend the port of clothes multirisks. These clothes offer a wide field of protection against chemicals, small projections of molten metal, the electric risks or the contact by a flame.

Attention, for these risks it is recommended to soak clothes every 5 maxi washes, to make by a professional.


When quality rhymes with economy !

A pair of shoes, in the same way as a pair of gloves must be considered as a consumable. Its wear indeed obliges to replace them on average twice. The robustness of the models is thus an important choice. A solid pair can so be replaced less often whereas certain pairs, doubtless less expensive to buy after all dearer, more expensive because they will require more frequent subsidies.


Lend is not to secure !

The anti-fall device being personal to every employee, it is recommended to mark it in the name of his user. The whole equipment must be grouped together in a bag to be always complete and ready to serve. He must be stored in a dry place, shielded from U.V. and strong temperatures which could damage its efficiency.

Custom run

Combination of category 3: be more requiring than the standards !

In cat's 3 combination, trust the standards is not enough. If all satisfy the requirements minimum dictations by the standards, they are not quite made for the same use. So, for a safety adapted to an extensive use, it is better to opt for a combination top of the range.

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